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Ubat darah tinggi – dark coklat mampu mengurangkan stress

Tiada ubat untuk penyakit darah tinggi, yang ada di farmasi lebih kepada ubat yang sementara untuk meredakan tekanan darah. Saya ada satu artikel yang anda patut baca untuk menerangkan mengapa coklat gelap adalah makanan yang berkhasiat bagi mereka yang mengidap penyakit darah tinggi.

Of course this is not a joke, a study was made in the US by specialists and published in the Journal of the American Heart Association about eating dark chocolate to lower the blood pressure. One bar of chocolate is enough to lower the blood pressure in a natural and so enjoyable way. It is also helping to improve the insulin resistance.

It was already known that food rich in flavinols are lowering the blood pressure. Flavinols are also called in a medical scientific language as natural antioxidants, and the aliments that are containing these antioxidants are like tea and red wine, but from now on we will put on this list the dark chocolate, too.

The study was pretty simple. It took place at University of L’Aguila in Italy particular for lowering the blood pressure, so it wasn’t an accidental discover. At the study participate 20 persons, half men, half women, all suffering from high blood pressure. None of these persons took any medicaments or followed any treatment for lowering the blood pressure. But also they hadn’t been suffering from another disease and the won’t smoking. For the experiment to be perfect and for the results to be visible regarding lowering their blood pressure, the participants avoid chocolate for 2 weeks.

The experiments begin with dividing the group in two, one of them ate dark chocolate and the other white one. The amount was the same, a bar of 3.5oz daily for 15 days. Another week passed with no flavonoid foods and the groups swapped the type of chocolate. The white chocolate was the perfect control food for this lower blood pressure study as it containing all ingredients in the dark one but no flavonoids at all.

A very significant lowering of the blood pressure was found on the group that consumed the dark chocolate for 15 days, and not any blood pressure lowering in the group eating white chocolate. Another successful treatment, beside lowering blood pressure was the reduction in insulin resistance at the group eating dark chocolate. Also the bad cholesterol level decreased by 10 percent. At the group eating only white chocolate there was no changing regarding lowering blood pressure or cholesterol level; they were the same as the beginning of the experiment.

But the best natural ways to lower blood pressure still remains exercise and diet and a non-natural on medicaments prescriptions. All these can’t be replaced with the eating of chocolate. Also it’s very recommendable and occasional eating of small bar of dark chocolate rich in flavonoids to lower your blood pressure. It is also good for your taste buds and also it is helping your heart.

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